KTC Member Account - Tech Tips

STEP 1:  Sign into your Member Account here.

STEP 2:  Go to your Homepage to complete the following transactions.


  1. Pay for private lessons and guest fee charges by clicking on the charge that appears in the upper left hand corner of your homepage.  Fees are due immediately after your court time.

  2. Add monies to your Clubhouse Account by going to the Online ProShop "tile", clicking on Order Product and selecting one or more Clubhouse Credit Items.

  3. Monitor your Clubhouse Account balance by going to the My Payments "tile" and checking the amount showing under View My Club Credit.

  4. Update your password and other personal information by going to the My Profile "tile".

  5. Register for all KTC Programs.  Go to Register for Programs, Lessons, Camps & Events "tile" and click on the desired link:

    1. Register for Adult Programs (Leagues, Triple Threat, Scrimmage, Beginner Lessons, Daytime Doubles Event)​

    2. Register for Junior Programs (Junior Tennis Team Lesson, Junior Match Play)

    3. Register for Club Events (Annual General Meeting)

    4. View my Registrations:  Click this link for a list of the programs you are registered in


  1. Obtain the KTC washroom and gate codes (Documents to Download "tile")

  2. Find contact information for and send emails to KTC members (Player Directory "tile)

  3. Find a game or post a game wanted notice (PlayerConnect "tile")

  4. Book a Court (Tennis Court Booking "tile")

  5. Register for the Club Tournament (Singles Tournament "tile" and Doubles Tournament "tile")

  6. Register for Leagues and Ladders (Singles Tennis Ladder "tile" or Doubles Tennis Ladder "tile")