How to's for KTC members and KTC non-members

KTC encourages members to host guests!

There are a few minor tasks required in order to ensure a seamless member/non-member experience at KTC:

What do I do?  What does my guest do?:

  • MEMBER:  Ask your guest to create a KTC online public account. 

  • NON-MEMBER: Create your free public account by clicking this link . 

  • MEMBER:  Book the court, indicating all players, including your guest(s). 

What happens next?: 

  • KTC sends a confirmation e-mail to all players showing the court booking date/time and court number.

  • KTC automatically posts a guest fee charge on the non-member's account. 

    • NON-MEMBER:  For guest fee rates, see below.

    • MEMBER:  For information on how to use your complimentary guest pass, see below.

...And then what?:

  • NON-MEMBER:  Please pay the KTC guest fee immediately after your court time:  Click here to log into your account and pay on-line.  Or -  visit the clubhouse when you arrive at KTC if you would rather pay in person.   Click here for Clubhouse hours.

  • Enjoy your time at KTC!


Non-members may play at KTC if they are a guest of a KTC member.  Guests may play an unlimited number of times each season.  We have two guest rates:

Guests who are not members of another tennis club:

$10.00 per visit for the first 3 visits and $20.00 per visit thereafter.  


Guests who are members of another tennis club (eg:  WWC, WLTC):

$10 per visit

Did you know?:  A KTC member can comp. you in using their Guest Pass. 

                                  However, each non-member may be comped in one-time only per season.

COMPLIMENTARY GUEST PASS (1 per member, per season)  


KTC will automatically use your complimentary guest pass to host your guest. The following rules apply:

  • You have a guest pass available.

  • This is your guest's first comped visit to KTC.

Once confirmed, KTC will process the complimentary guest pass on your account and will remove the guest fee owing from your guest's account.



If you are hosting a guest who has never been to KTC before and is a potential new member, KTC will comp your guest's court fee by providing a Free One Day Pass.  If we can conclude your guest qualifies for a 1 Day Pass, we will automatically process it at the time the court is booked.  We can't always be sure - so if we miss it, please contact us and we will be happy to follow through.