How to's for KTC members and KTC non-members

KTC encourages members to host guests!

There are a few minor tasks required in order to ensure a seamless member/non-member experience at KTC:

What do I do?  What does my guest do?:

  • MEMBER:  Ask your guest to create a KTC online public account. 

  • NON-MEMBER: Create your free public account by clicking this link . 

  • MEMBER:  Book the court, indicating all players, including your guest(s). 

What happens next?: 

  • KTC sends a confirmation e-mail to all players showing the court booking date/time and court number.

  • KTC automatically posts a guest fee charge on the non-member's account. 

    • NON-MEMBER:  For guest fee rates, click here.

    • MEMBER:  For information on how to use your complimentary guest pass, click here.

...And then what?:

  • NON-MEMBER:  Please pay the KTC guest fee prior to entering the court:  Click here to log into your account and pay on-line.  Or -  visit the clubhouse when you arrive at KTC if you would rather pay in person.   Click here for Clubhouse hours.

  • Enjoy your time at KTC!