• Players can drop off their racquets for restringing any time during club hours (Monday through Sunday, 9:00 am to 10:00 pm)

    • Note that during poor weather, the club may be closed, so email the club beforehand at info@kildonantennisclub.ca to check if staff are present.

  • When you drop off your racquet, provide staff with the following information:

    • Your name

    • Phone number

    • Type of string and tension requested

  • A staff member will contact you when your racquet is ready for pickup. Typical turnaround is between 2-3 days but ask staff upon dropping off your racquet for an estimated time frame.

  • Please pay when you pick up your racquet. Pay credit or debit in the clubhouse – no cash payments will be accepted


Note the following safety procedures that staff will follow while handling your racquet:


  • Staff will wash their hands before handling your racquet

  • Staff will wipe down the entire racquet before and after restringing or other services

  • Staff will regularly sanitize the stringing machine

We offer the following string selection:

  • Wilson Syn Gut Power ($28)

  • Wilson Savage Black ($35)

  • Wilson NXT ($35)

  • Wilson Sensation ($35)

  • Big Bangor ($45)

 You may also provide your own string for a reduced rate of $16.

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