Please observe these measures for the safety of all KTC patrons.



  1. Members must activate their 2021 membership prior to visiting KTC.

  2. No walk-ups.  Members must pre-book a court to obtain authorized use of KTC courts.

  3. Hand sanitizer is available at the gate and by the court chairs.  You should also bring your own hand sanitizer just in case KTC-supplied sanitizer is temporarily unavailable.

  4. Enter courts using gate code.

COVID CHECK-LIST:  Applicable to all members and guests.

All members and guests shall agree that they are not experiencing symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, fever, chills, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell; and that they are not required to self-isolate due to COVID-19 symptoms/exposure or due to travel.  


Please  do not enter KTC courts or clubhouse if you answer yes to any of the above.



  1. Exterior washroom door (MASKS mandatory when entering/exiting the building):

    1. Member access via lock code.​

    2. Hand sanitizer available at door.

    3. Members must don a mask prior to entering the building.

  2.   Interior Ladies washroom and Mens washroom:

    1. One member in the mens washroom, only; and one member in the ladies washroom, only.​

    2. No shower access.  No locker access.

    3. Please close the door when using the washroom.  Please prop the door open when exiting the washroom. 

    4. Cleaning supplies are available for patron use.

    5. Do not enter the washroom if the washroom is occupied (door is closed).

    6. PARENTS:  Please supervise your child(ren).


PATIO (Opening date TBA):

  1. 10-person capacity

  2. Please maintain social distancing.

  3. Please do not move furniture off the patio.


CLUBHOUSE (Opening date May 15, 2021) - MASKS are MANDATORY:

  1. Not open for inside seating.

  2. Open for patrons to complete business transactions, only.

  3. Two - person maximum capacity.  

  4. Masks are mandatory when entering and remaining inside the clubhouse.


At this time:  please avoid congregating anywhere on the facility, but at a minimum observe the following:

  1. Please congregate on the patio, only.

  2. Please observe capacity limit of 10 on the patio.  If capacity is exceeded, kindly leave the facility.

  3. Please do not gather around the clubhouse door, court gates, sidewalk, etc ...  This will ensure social distancing is maintained.  Thank-you!!



  • When entering the building.

  • While inside the building.